About US


Based on a diverse experience in the field of building material distribution for more than
a decade and the trust of customers and stakeholders, this company has been established
since 2015. We promised to provide excellent services to valued customers and
benefits to all stakeholders.
A company engaged in the trading and distribution of building materials and furniture.
With the support of professional and reliable personnel in their fields,
PT. WIJAYA KUSUMA TERANG PERKASA always prioritizes the quality and accuracy of
shipping and the best prices to satisfy all customers of PT. WIJAYA KUSUMA TERANG PERKASA.
With the full range of experiences in the field, PT. WIJAYA KUSUMA TERANG PERKASA
is very confident that it can support the procurement of building materials based on the best
quality and competitive price.

Vision & Mission


  1. INTEGRITY, doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, is regarded as the honesty of one’s actions. The rise in technology has prompted a greater need for transparency, within companies and with their customers. Integrity, therefore, is a very desirable quality, not only for individual employees but also for companies.
  2. TEAM WORK, involves a group of individuals working collaboratively to achieve a common goal, in our case in providing the best service to customers, team work is essential to the success of any business.
  3. PROFESSIONALISM, is necessary for the long term success of a business whether its a big corporation or a small business. It is the level of competence or excellence that is expected of a professional. Our interactions and relationships with customers are of vital importance to ensure that company goals and objectives are met.
  4. RESPECT, an attitude of admiration or esteem ; courteous regard for others. The secret to changing behavior in an organization is attitude, if employees feel respected and valued, they in turn will respect other stakeholders and especially our customers.